Since 2009, the CBRAIN team has included software developers, systems engineers, and research scientists dedicated to building infrastructure to democratize computing and remove the barriers that exist in accomplishing large-scale science. CBRAIN is housed within the McGill Centre for Integrated Neuroscience at McGill University.


CBRAIN is a web-based open-source software developed by the McGill Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (MCIN). It allows researchers to perform computationally intensive analyses on data by connecting them to High-Performance Computing (HPC) and Cloud Computing facilities across Canada and around the world. CBRAIN connects researchers to the tools and processing power required to handle large datasets and complex processing tools, while simultaneously reducing the technical expertise required to use these resources.

CBRAIN allows users to share and manage data processing projects from anywhere in the world as if it were all in a single, federated data store. The user can define project teams, identify team members who can access the data in that project, and give them access to large volumes of data through a web interface. The project team can then perform operations such as file transfers, archiving, data processing, and remote visualization. Users can monitor tasks for processing status and completion, review failure logs, and relaunch tasks with necessary corrections, and once satisfied, transfer the data back to their local repositories.

CBRAIN is currently providing access to a large suite of analytical pipelines for neuroimaging and genetic data analyses, but it is not exclusive to neurological research and can host any software. Software integration is made easy through streamlined procedures designed to maximize research reproducibility. As a pioneering open science platform, CBRAIN is open to contributions from the data science community and strives to make high performance computing available to all.


Alan Evans, PhD
Bryan L. Caron, PhD
Reza Adalat
Pierre Rioux
Natacha Beck
Serge Boroday
Darcy Quesnel
Najmeh Kalili-Manhani, PhD
Xuan Mai Pham
Diana Le


Tristan Glatard, PhD
Jean-Baptiste Poline, PhD
Samir Das
Tarek Sherif
Marc Rousseau


Adam Trefonides

Andrew Doyle

Angela McCloskey

Anton Zoubarev

Armin Taheri

Candice Czech

Darius Valevicius

Ehsan Afkhami

Greg Kiar

Liam O’Callaghan

Mathieu Desrosiers

Nicolas Kassis

Rémi Bernard

Safa Sanami

Shawn Brown

Sonam Tamang

Tristan Aumentado-Armstrong

Verena Schuster

Xavier Lecours-Boucher